The other day one of my pictures was chosen as Submission of the Day over on the great looking Vesper magazine, which was a nice surprise as Josh from Vesper just picked it up from my flickr page and I didn't have to submit a thing.  Thanks Josh.


Somebody gave me a scanner lately, which means I can finally get round to scanning years worth of photos and albums that I've got lying around.  Am putting most of the ones that I like up here - English Surfaces on Flickr, will probaby put some on here too, flickr doesn't seem the best place for some of the albums, it all looks a bit clunky on there.  Anyway...

"You can photograph anything now." - Robert Frank.


Recently, the folk over at the excellent touris.ms were kind enough to feature a bunch of photos that I took about a year ago in Nevada.  If you're reading this then you've maybe seen the pictures before, but it would be nice of you to check out the touris.ms site and give them some support.